MCI-START's TriageTracker™ manages and tracks victims of mass casualty incidents from triage to discharge.

An MCI is a dynamic fast paced event where time is critical. Valuable information can easily be lost during these incidents. Frequently victim status cannot be collected or is not available to all parties requiring this information.

Triage Tracker™ gives responsible team members’ access to the same real-time information using a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Continually updated triage status appears on all devices logged onto the system. The information is refreshed automatically, conserving radio traffic for critical communication needs.

Incident Commander (IC) screenshot of patient management functionlarge screenshot of patient management function

Public Information Officer (PIO)

Transport Discharge Coordinator

Receiving Hospital screenshot of triage site capacity reportlarge screenshot of triage site capacity report

Agency Visibility

Features screenshot of activity loglarge screenshot of activity log

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Walking wounded?MINOR
No respiration after head tilt?DECEASED
Respiration: over 30/minute?IMMEDIATE
Perfusion: capillary refill over 2 seconds?IMMEDIATE
Mental: cannot follow simple commands?IMMEDIATE
All others:DELAYED